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Spring 2017 

Residents is a projection sculpture that combines two-dimensional animation with three-dimensional elements. The three panels create the impression of a dollhouse reminiscent of ones that I would often play with as a child, which were often made of scrappy, found materials. The blankets and cloths that covers the house’s stand and roof recall to the kinds of sheets used in a game of “house,” which mimics domestic spaces and rituals in the form of play.

The moving visuals that make the basis for Residents are from my own experiences of living and existing in different places throughout my life. It is also influenced by memories of my family and others that I have lived with, and how others might perceive these recollections. In this piece, the characters appear and act as an otherworldly reflection of intimate and homely memories, and periodically phase in and out of focus as they go about their (un)ordinary lives.

Created in 2017 by Jasmine Rajavadee, Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate for The Ohio State University's Department of Art (Art and Technology area). This is one of my last major works before graduation. 

This work will be shown at OSU's Urban Arts Space in the Spring 2017 Department of Art Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Projects Exhibition, from April 18th through May 6th,.

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