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Blink Museum of Art

2016 - ongoing

Blink Museum of Art is the title for a broad, multimedia series of “humanizing” the works of modern and contemporary artists. In giving these bodies of works a sense of autonomy and ability to interact with each other, there is room to question the historical and cultural significance of an artist’s presence, the impact of their work, and how their influence can be taught in an inclusive manner. 

The project began as a standalone video game demo in 2016 (back in undergrad when I knew very little about art history), the concept has since grown to exist in a yearly series of digital illustrations and plans for other interactive platforms. 

October 2019 Illustration Collection


October 2020 Illustration Collection


Other Media 

Ink Story (RPG Maker VXA, 2016) (Image link currently goes to "Games" page) 
Miscellaneous Illustrations (From Instagram) 
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