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Bird Catching Machine

Autumn 2015

The Bird Catching Machine ("BCM") was initially a pun on "crane/claw" machines that are filled with prizes - this case, the prizes are small paper "cranes". This piece also stands as an observation on how humans interact with other creatures and resources in the world. Humans have a degree of control over other organisms, such as the bird - it ends up being used as food or entertainment in some cases. Humans also ave control over how we use resources like those found in paper products. The act of capturing the paper birds in this sculpture is a metaphorical  representation of reclaiming objects in and from nature. 

As viewers approach the machine, sensors placed within the sculpture will cause "bird noises" to emit from it. This is done to attract attention to the machine, inviting a curious human to catch some birds. 

This sculpture was created from a repurposed toy claw game and recycled cardboard from various sources. All birds were hand-made by the artist over the course of several years before this project was created. 

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