ABOUT Neon Pepper.

The art that I create is representative of exploring stories or perspectives, whether they are from my personal history or from others around me. Particularly, I am interested in the act of  gathering ordinary objects and combining them with digital assets to communicate an experience. Parts of my works rely on the viewer’s suspension of disbelief and willingness to explore and contemplate the ideas based on their own experiences in life. In my body of work, I try to create visual narratives that can allow viewers to structure their own interpretations about a particular story or subject.

Much of my past works have been time-based, primarily including animation, games, and illustration — mediums suitable for describing a narrative visually. The visuals often rely on the appearances of character and setting to evoke emotional response, often through line-work or color to depict strange and abstracted creatures navigating through real or constructed spaces. The exploration of these spaces is a shared experience between character and audience.


Graduated from the Ohio State University with a BFA in Art and Technology. 

Currently a Graduate Assistant at the University of Connecticut in the Digital Media and Design department of the School of Fine Arts.