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ABOUT Neon Pepper.

Jasmine Rajavadee (b. 1995, Columbus) is a multimedia artist and animator who (mis)uses various mediums to address connections between themes of belonging, chance, and spirituality. They graduated from the Ohio State University with a BFA in Art and Technology (2017); during this time, they discovered a love for animation and re-appropriated garbage. This led to various installations and screenings in local venues such as Urban Arts Space and Columbus’s Center of Science and Industry. Eventually, this exploration continued through research and multidisciplinary networking through the Master of Fine Arts program in Digital Media & Design at the University of Connecticut (2020). While studying in Connecticut, they have been involved in architectural projection works for the Bushnell Performing Arts Center, theatrical effects for various productions, and animations for the UConn Extension program.


Building upon an experimental foundation, Rajavadee focuses on creating work that shares the experiences of curiosity, joy, and uncertainty between character and visitor. 

They are currently available for freelance motion graphic, animation, and/or illustration work. For inquiry, please contact or use the "Contact" page. 

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