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 Creating works to make the audience feel curious. 

Neon Pepper was born in Columbus, Ohio, and grew up in Pickerington, a small suburban town nearby. She was raised in a Laotian household, in which she is one of the first generations born in the United States. Her family, instructors, and close friends has always reminded her that diligence and an open mind are the most important elements to any field of work, including her ethic for artmaking. 


She currently attends the Ohio State University, studying Fine Art with interests in technology and animation. 

Neon Pepper's endgoals for her works is to incite an exploratory wonder in the minds of her viewer. She had decided to take a curiosity-inducing approach to her work for the sake of looking at subjects from a different angle. Although much of her life was sheltered from the outside world, she was, and still is, constantly curious about the world and its operations. Much of her work is heavily inspired by aesthetic of cinema, anime, and comics. 


​Through the use and misuse of various mediums and technologies, she strives to create links between the world of imagination and reality, and what's acceptable and what's strange. 


  • Denim2


  • Kaneoya Sachiko

  • Studio Ghibli 

  • Pixar Studios

  • Junko Mizuno 

  • Gary Baseman

  • Alphonse Mucha

  • MOGEKO/Deep-Sea Prisoner

Exhibitions/Showcases, Publications

  • Rites of Passage Literary Arts Magazine

  • Ohio State University Art and Technology Juried Showcases 2014, 2015 

  • Arts Scholars Annual Juried Exhibition 2014, 2015, 2016 

  • Pickerington Library Big Comic Show 2014 (SPACE expo) 

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